Sunday, August 18, 2013

Catch me, Daddy!

It was one of their favorite games to play together when she was very small. He would head down the short staircase of the deck and she would wait at the top for him to get to the bottom and turn around and look at her.

"Catch me, Daddy!" she would call out. 

And then, she would back up a couple of strides and take a running leap off the top of the deck stairs - and into his waiting arms.  Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist in total abandon; she melted in breathless giggles and squeals of delight as he twirled her round and round as if on the dance floor ... only to set her down gently like the princess in disguise that he knew she was.

Thanks to photostock
for this photo,
"Father And Daughter"
"Do again!" she'd exclaim - when she could catch her breath again - and she would clamber up the deck stairs to the top again. He'd stretch out his arms - and the magic would happen again, and again - until she was too tired to play anymore and he would cuddle her little form close to his chest. 

I used to marvel at her unconditional faith in him. Until - until I realized that her faith in him was rooted firmly in his trustworthiness, in his unconditional love for her. There was NOT ONE TIME that he ever let her fall. NOT ONCE. Her father loved her. He was as steady as a rock, and she KNEW she could depend on him. Daddy would never let her fall. Daddy would ALWAYS catch her.

Faith is like that. It means nothing and will surely be betrayed ... unless the one in whom your faith is placed is worthy of that trust. 

"We have an anchor that keeps the soul steadfast and sure while the billows roll," the songwriter wrote. 

No relying on our own strength. No guard rails, no safety net. Just us and Him. Total dependence on Him. There is absolutely no way that we can live, exist, move, love, trust - anything - without the vast and deep dependability of our Heavenly Father. "Fastened to the Rock which cannot move, grounded firm and deep in the Savior's love." 

Wholehearted confidence in God is wholly based on God's character, not on us. That way HE gets all the credit. 

And we get to dance with Him ... as His treasure.

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