Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hope Springs

I love it when God decides to show up in a service. 

I know that He is there where two or three are gathered together and focused on Him. I get that. However, there is something special, a unique anointing, when He decides to make His presence felt. 

Like today. 

The man who spoke at our church service today was brought up in our church, and there was nothing special or particularly awesome about his delivery or his speaking style.... except for one thing.  He was passionate about his message. He works with Teen Challenge in Ontario and spoke with fervor about the need in our society for church folks to stop judging and start reaching out, like Jesus did at the Samaritan well to a woman who had had five husbands, and the one she was with wasn't her husband. 

He showed a video that opened my eyes and challenged me, gave me hope where there literally had been despair, and renewed my faith to keep praying for the loved ones I have who are not currently serving Him. Its link is here: 

After church, I had the opportunity to connect with a lady I have come to really appreciate the last several years, more and more of late.  I was able to share some of my own story with her, and as I did, it was though the years melted away and it had only happened a short time ago. I felt keenly the slimy hole I was in so many years ago, those feelings of worthlessness and helplessness, the hurt that I tried to drown in attention-getting behaviors which only scratched the surface of that deep-down itch nobody could touch. And I remembered what it felt like as I described how Jesus had found me, like that woman at the well, and showed me exactly where I was - and was gracious to rescue me. Literally rescue me. I felt tears springing to my eyes as I spoke. 

It gave me hope to see that video I put the link to, above. And it gave me hope to share my story and remember that God doesn't care (as the song goes) where you've been sleeping:

I don't care where you've been sleeping; I don't care who made your bed;
I already gave My life to set you free. 

There's no sin you can imagine that is stronger than My love.... 
And its all yours if you'll come home again to Me. (Don Fransisco)

When it comes right down to it, everyone is broken. We're just broken in different places, that's all. Judging someone else because their broken place is not in an area that is a problem for you ... is kind of like a fellow who's lost a leg judging someone else who's lost the other one. 

It's good to know that God doesn't make distinctions or rate on a sliding scale when it comes to brokenness. Everyone is in the same situation. And Jesus is more about rescuing people who know they need help than He is about posturing and politicking. His sacrifice is sufficient for all, and once He has touched your life, or the life of someone you care about, He will NEVER let go. NEVER.

I needed to hear that... so much. Maybe you do, too.

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