Sunday, December 11, 2011

With friends like you -

With friends like you, the saying goes, I don't need enemies.  

I know people whose idea of friendship involves:
-  intimidation
-  manipulation
-  control
-  power trips
-  using people to stroke their own ego via guilt trips, bragging, or insecurity and/or
-  not having to say they're sorry - ever.

I know other people whose idea of friendship involves: 
-  hanging out with the other person doing nothing but activities which the person wants (forcing the other to go along with it)
-  never wanting to talk about the serious stuff 
-  thrill-seeking, fun-mongering
-  sharing an addiction (drinking, smoking, drugs) or
-  gossiping about other people.

I know still others, and I prefer their company, whose idea of friendship involves:
-  talking about matters of the heart and the human spirit
-  treating the other person with respect
-  acceptance:  being who they are and allowing others to be who they are
-  seeking consensus on an activity without succumbing to the temptation to use peer or political pressure, and
-  seeking the other person's well-being.

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