Saturday, December 31, 2011


Lungs ache from lack of air.  The mind starts to fog over.  Survival instincts kick in - the arms and legs thrash, seeking a way to the surface ... any way.  Panic grabs the throat.  

Breathing is essential.  Out.  In.  Again.  Involuntary.  

Someone - I forget who - likened prayer to spiritual breathing once.  I like that analogy.  Out with the bad air.  In with the good.  Constant, life-giving air.  Prayer.  The oxygen of the spirit.  

I think that if I were to have a new year's resolution it might be this... to make prayer - conversation with God - as automatic as breathing.  

Regardless of the circumstances, to lift up every moment to Him, in gratitude or in doubt, to tell Him everything - and listen for His response.  

I wonder - I just wonder what might happen.  How my everyday life would change.  Where that conversation might lead me.  What new depths in Him I might plumb. Who might cross my path - or whose path I might be led to cross. 

Only He knows.

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