Friday, August 10, 2012

All God - Awe Some

The story flowed out, at first a trickle, growing into a torrent from her lips.  

Detail after detail spilled forth, all the more amazing to me by the realization that these things actually happened to someone I never would have dreamed would go through them.  And they happened without me even being aware. 

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As the tale unfolded, I could see the hand of God in all of the events that transpired - whether withholding, directing, or suppressing, each in turn and with a multiplicity of people (tuned into Him or not), circumstances, and organizations under His control.  How He allowed things to get to a desperate point and used things, people and events that only He knew how to orchestrate ... to work a miracle.  A bona fide, life-saving miracle.  Using ordinary people, doing extraordinary things, under His direction, His choreography.  

The magnitude of it, of the enormous implication of even one tiny detail being out of place or timed improperly, simply astounded me

It still does. 

That's how God works.  He works His wonders patiently, intricately, picking up the most minute of threads and weaving them into beautifully detailed patterns - and at the same time, He allows us to participate in His plan (He decides when, how, and how much) - just so that we can experience the awesomeness that is Him.  I am humbled, awed, by the all-sufficiency and generosity of the Only One who knows the end from the beginning.  

And grateful.  So very grateful.  God literally gave my friend back to me, plucked her out of the jaws of the destroyer, and saw fit to allow me to play a part in that process so that I could see Him work - up close and personal.  

And the joy of that is not just the miracle in my friend's life (which is HUGE), but also in my own life. I realized that He is not finished with me, either, and that everything that He has started in me, He'll finish.  And that I can take absolutely no credit for anything that He does through me: it's all Him.  It's ALL Him.  Only He can work things out so perfectly. 

I'm so very glad He did.

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