Thursday, November 13, 2014

No assembly required

As we get closer to Christmas, I don't think there is a parent of little children who doesn't cringe at those three little words at the bottom of the print on a box that houses an awesome toy advertised on TV: "Some assembly required." (Alternatively, other words that strike fear are, "Batteries not included." But that is another post for another time.)

The same thing happens to those who get furniture (or a gas bar-b-q, or a ceiling fan) at a big-box store (anything from WalMart to IKEA). It's a nightmare working with those instructions and always wondering if you put it together right because there are pieces or screws or nuts missing. Or some left over (I don't know which is worse ...!!) 

I remember the baby changing table we bought years ago from a big-box store. It was a nice table, but it was torture for the two of us putting that thing together, crawling along the floor trying to find the pieces and with me eight-and-a-half months pregnant on top of it all. We got it put together after a couple of hours of struggling, at 11 pm. (At 1 am my water broke. Guess where I spent the next several days?) 

Well, at least the changing table was together.

June 2013 - our ready-to-use furniture
Contrast that to the last time we bought furniture. We actually went to a furniture store (imagine that!) and the salesman showed us a bureau that, paired side-by-side, would look lovely in our bedroom, with matching night-tables. I said, "We'll take it," and soon I was paying for the set. And then I asked about delivery. "I suppose that we'll have to put it together when it's delivered," I started to say. 

He held up a hand. "No ma'am. It's pre-assembled at the factory. The only thing missing is the handles and the people who deliver the furniture will even put that together for you ... you won't have to worry about that." 

Huh. No assembly required by the consumer. 

Who knew?

Nothing needed to be added by us. All we needed to do was accept delivery and it was ready to use. Period. No add-ons, no upgrades, nothing like that. 

It was wonderful. 

God's grace is like that. Pre-made, prepaid, nothing to add to it or anything, just be there to accept delivery and it's available, ready to use, able to handle anything you throw into it - and able to withstand all kinds of of wear and tear. God's grace is pre-assembled. Everything is included. 

Everything. No holds barred. No limits, no boundaries, no small print. EVER.

It's wonderful!!

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