Sunday, February 5, 2012


I attended a church service this morning where God was present. I know He's present everywhere, yes.  But in that service, His presence was tangible.  Nobody could deny that His touch was on it and on those who were ministering, working through them to carry the message of His love, His grace, His power to those in attendance and beyond.  

The participants truly were worshiping, connecting with God, and operated in unity and power in a way that is impossible without the unifying and powerful presence of God.  

And guess what else!!  Ninety percent of those who ministered ... were children.  

Remember those cutesy Christmas pageants with carefully rehearsed recitations and prizes given for perfect attendance and so forth?  This was nothing like that.  These kids were LEADING in worship.  They were setting the example.  They were showing the Way.  

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Somewhere along the way we got the idea that because children are small and inexperienced with the hard knocks of life, that they are incapable of experiencing God.  I've heard people talk about them as having "little feelings" or as they get older, a "little job."  Even the idea that we have to clap for these kids when they do something in church (like for example, sing a solo or recite a scripture) seems based on that "Aww, isn't that cute" mentality.  

But today was different.  Today I got a glimpse of the potential, the possibilities.  I really got to see how backward we've gotten it for such a long time. After all, Jesus said we adults had to become like little children, yet for decades they've been populating the back seats of our assemblies, bored out of their skulls, or relegated to kids' programs that more resemble glorified babysitting than any kind of training for ministry.  It's almost as though they've been on the outside looking in, not "getting" what we were there for, and now ... these kids are excited, passionate, dedicated, and devoted to God.  Watching them operate in the Spirit was absolutely phenomenal. I was in tears half the time because I sensed the same Presence coming through their ministry as I have sensed in other gatherings when God has shown up. 

Dismissing someone, not taking someone seriously because he or she is not talented enough, beautiful enough, old enough, rich enough, or anything enough - belittles not only the person but the God we say we worship.  I've had the privilege of being in ministry right alongside some of these kids.  I Love It.  They have such a spirit of acceptance and willingness to them.  They've taught me more than they'll ever know.  God has mightily used them - and continues to do so - to break past those pre-conceived barriers I and so many other Christian adults have put up.  

The children are stepping up to the plate while some of us have never even gotten to the batting cage.  Rather than feel guilty or jealous, it just spurs me on, inspires me to press in deeper with God and know Him.  And to let Him know me - but that is another post for another time.

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